Splunk requirements

Compatibility matrix:

Metricator for Nmon stack Major version branch
Splunk Universal Forwarder 6.x, 7.x Version 1.x

Technical Add-on requirements

Operating system

The Technical Add-on is compatible with:

  • Linux OS X86 in 32/64 bits, PowerPC (PowerLinux), s390x (ZLinux), ARM
  • IBM AIX 7.1 and 7.2
  • Oracle Solaris 11

Third party software and libraries

To operate as expected, the Technical Add-ons requires a Python OR a Perl environment available on the server:

Python environment: used in priority

Requirement Version
Python interpreter 2.7.x

Perl environment: used only in fallback

Requirement Version
Perl interpreter 5.x
Time::HiRes module any

In addition, the Technical Addon requires:

Requirement Version
curl Any


  • IBM AIX does not generally contain Python. Nevertheless, Perl is available as a standard. More, Time::HiRes is part of Perl core modules.
  • Modern Linux distribution generally have Python version 2.7.x available and do not require any further action.
  • Linux distributions lacking Python will fallback to Perl and must satisfy the Perl modules requirements.
  • If running on a full Splunk instance (any Splunk dedicated machine running Splunk Enterprise), the Technical Add-on uses Splunk built-in Python interpreter.